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Streamline Your Projects with Help from Skilled Permit Expediters

Navigating the land use, zoning, and permitting requirements can be complicated, whether the project is residential, commercial, or industrial. Simplify your approach with consultation services from our experienced permit expediters. In Los Angeles, CA, real estate developers and land owners turn to Pardo & Stewart for assistance. Our intuitive understanding of urban planning, zoning codes, project management, and permit expediting has made us highly sought-after throughout many parts of North America.

Specializing in California Land Subdivision

Many property owners believe that they have the right to develop their properties as they see fit, but the truth is that subdividing land is a complex process in Southern California. Without proper approval, you could invite serious legal consequences.

That's where Pardo & Stewart can help. Thanks to our knowledge of the local regulatory system, as well as our up-to-date subdivision maps, securing proper clearance has never been simpler or faster. Instead of getting caught up in bureaucratic pitfalls, you're free to focus on completing your project. Just a few of the projects we've helped with in the past include:

  • Adding New Services to Existing Businesses
  • Creating New Residential Properties on Existing Lots
  • Adding New Parking Spaces
  • Developing Land for Later Sale